Estonian Art 1/2014

Table of Contents:

1 News

3 Just doing Manifesta 10
Hedwig Fijen interviewed by Liina Siib

6 "Art so dear that keeps me young and clear?" Impressions from Manifesta 10
Andres Kurg

9 ALLURE'EM. A tale about Raul Meel
Margus Tamm

12 From literacy to illiteracy and slowly back again
Margit Säde in conversation with Maria Kjær Themsen

15 About the Köler Prize, generally
Hanno Soans

18 The one who breaks the rules wins in art
Eha Komissarov

21 The end of architecture: Venice biennial 2014
Triin Ojari

24 Interspace – a space where everything is possible
3 questions to Johanna Jõekalda, Johan Tali and Siim Tuksam

Insert: An education
Raul Kalvo

25 Picture in a museum. Herbert Lukk
Eero Epner

27 How to NOT narrate architecture
Eva Näripea

29 Sound games
Interview with Vladimir Tarasov by Kati Ilves

32 Participating in public displays of nationalism, shamelessly:
Eva Sepping and her trilogy on nationalism
Elo Hanna Seljamaa

35 Olga Jürgenson: theme-specific, site-specific & time-specific!
Olga Jürgenson in conversation with Liina Siib

38 The home lover, the clubber and the ghost.
About Marit Ilison’s collection Longing for Sleep
Mathieu Goulmant

41 Gram – a roomful of jewellery artists and a travelling greenhouse
Eilve Manglus

44 Product designers at the furniture, interior decoration and design fair Habitare
Monika Järg

47 Exhibitions

49 New Books