Estonian Art 2/2010

Table of Contents:

1 1980s as the absolute top of Estonian art?
Eha Komissarov interviewed by Eero Epner
6 Simple things in an ultimate system
Tõnis Saadoja decoding Urmas Ploomipuu’s paintings. Interview by Eero Epner
10 The well-known unknown photographer Jaan Klõšeiko
Ellu Maar
13 Art is only function
Marco Scotini and Andris Brinkmanis interviewed by Eero Epner
17 On Critical Art and Art Criticism in Tartu, Sept 2010 Jaak Tomberg
20 New generation in Estonian animation Mari-Liis Rebane
24 ‘The Word Was Sung, The Word Was Bound’
Lester Capon
27 When disruption was taboo
Tiit Hennoste
30 Exhibition of photography from the Estonian diaspora
Ellu Maar
32 Faces of the East
Priit Vesilind
34 Reflections on the exhibition: Photography From The Estonian Diaspora
Peeter Langovits
36 From town to heritage conservation area
Lilian Hansar
40 Establishing Orthodox churches in Estonia and their architecture
Jaanus Plaat
45 A European in the Soviet era: architectural historian Villem Raam
Interview with Kaur Alttoa and Juhan Kilumets by Eero Epner
50 Exhibitions
52 New books
Tiit Hennoste