Estonian Art 2/2011

Table of Contents:

1 APT*:Misreading gives the correct answer
Anneli Porri
4 A Month of Photography, without going Beyond
Ats Parve
9 Beyond with Agamben and without Agamben
Ragne Nukk
14 Occupy Wall Street
Tarmo Jüristo
17 28 clear sentences
Tõnis Saadoja
Insert: 17 pictures of Paria in spring
Marko Mäetamm
23 Conservatism appeals to people's emotions
György Szabo interviewed by Eero Epner
25 Tracing Bosch and Bruegel: Four Paintings Magnified
Merike Kurisoo
29 Resurrection past futures
Thomas Cubbin
33 LIFT11-lessons in public space
Epp Lankots
36 Kalarand, the sea and the public interest
Conversation with the architect Toomas Paaver
40 The (un)compromising nature of politics and art, or aestheticised human suffering
Piret Lindpere  

43 New books

44 Exhibitions