Estonian Art 2/2013

Table of Contents:

1 Damage account
Interview with Mark Raidpere by Liina Siib

5 Today’s scenography
Eero Epner

8 Laura Pählapuu, why scenography?
Interview with Laura Pählapuu by Eero Epner

11 The culture industry of Winny Puhh
Urmas Väljaots

13 The question I ask myself is “What am I? What subject position?”
That raises the subject of feminism
Rebeka Põldsam in conversation with Griselda Pollock

16 Generation of young sculptors as a distinct phenomenon
Marie Vellevoog

19 The Eastern wanderer
Terttu Uibopuu in conversation with Irina Rozovsky

22 Between art and industry. The Art Products’ Factory
Kai Lobjakas

Insert: An Education. Kris Lemsalu. The loneliness of Lemsalu’s breasts
Cyril Tuschi

25 The openness of schools
Ülar Mark

29 The miraculous Old Narva
Interview with Fyodor Shantsev by Darja Nikitina

32 Recycling ideas or to think is not to work within the set of given conditions
Andreas Wagner

36 Resistance and ritual

38 Two different bows to independence
Kadri Veermäe

Karin Laansoo and Kadri Laas

44 Exhibitions

47 New books