Estonian Art 2/2014

1 News

3 The percentage act
Raul Järg, Maria-Kristiina Soomre, Mari Emmus, Merike Estna, Ülle Luisk

6 I am a painting / Can't go on
Discussion by Eha Komissarov, Maria-Kristiina Soomre, Marten Esko and Liina Siib

10 Long circuits for the pre-internet brain
A correspondence between Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Katja Novitskova

13 Post-internet art in the time of e-residency in Estonia
Rebeka Põldsam

14 Platform: Experimenta!
Tomaž Zupancˇicˇ

18 Total bass. Raul Keller’s exhibition What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly) at EKKM
Andrus Laansalu

21 Wild biscuits
Jana Kukaine

24 Estonian Academy of Arts 100
Leonhard Lapin

Insert: An education
Laura Põld

27 When ambitions turned into caution
Carl-Dag Lige

29 Picture in a museum. Nikolai Triik – symbol of hybrid Estonian modernism
Tiina Abel

32 Notes from the capital of Estonian street art
Aare Pilv

35 Not art, but the art of life
Joonas Vangonen

38 From Balfron Tower to Crisis Point
Aet Ader

41 Natural sciences and information technology in the service of art:
the Rode altarpiece in close-up project

Hilkka Hiiop and Hedi Kard

44 An Estonian designer without black bread?
Kaarin Kivirähk

47 Rundum artist-run space and its elusive form
Hanna Laura Kaljo, Mari-Leen Kiipli, Mari Volens, Kristina Õllek, Aap Tepper, Kulla Laas

50 Exhibitions

52 New books