ELM 2/2013

The current „Estonian Literary Magazine“ is no 37.

The excellent translator of Estonian literature Jean-Pierre Minaudier describes the surprising success of Andrus Kivirähk’s book „The Man Who Spoke Snakish“ in France. He also undermines quite a few convictions of Estonians about “something uniquely Estonian”.

The much-awarded poetry translator Ilmar Lehtpere discusses the difficulties and of course joy in poetry translation. The June seminar in Käsmu was about translating historical novels, in this case by Indrek Hargla and Tiit Aleksejev. A colourful overview of this worthy undertaking is given by Krisztina Tóth.

Maarja Vaino’s article is titled “A.H. Tammsaare Forever”, and it sets out to prove that it is true. His novels are being reprinted, translated and performed on stage. Piret Viires gives an overview of literary awards 2012. Janika Kronberg writes about Valev Uibopuu and Kaupo Meiel about Urmas Vadi.

As always, the magazine has many short overviews of recent Estonian literature.