ELM 2/2016

The autumn 2016 issue of Estonian Literary Magazine, which also makes it to Frankfurt book fair, is special in a number of ways. First of all, the volume of the magazine has grown by eight pages. Secondly, the main story of the edition is a little experiment: a writer interviews a writer. It is a two-way interview, during which Kai Aareleid and Veronika Kivisilla ask each other questions.

The conversation is illustrated by translations: an excerpt from Kai Aareleid's fresh novel „Linnade põletamine“ ("Burning of the Cities") and a selection of poems by Veronika Kivisilla from the collection „Cantus firmus“. Estonian Literary Magazine has increased the percentage of translations; all the translations in the 43rd edition are by Adam Cullen.

In addition to texts by Kai Aareleid and Veronika Kivisilla, a small selection from the work of Jüri Kolk is presented, accompanied by Kaupo Meiel's essay about the phenomenon of Kolk.

The central portrait story of the autumn edition treats Leelo Tungal with an emphasis on her „Seltsimees laps“ ("Comrade Kid"), the article is written by children's literature researcher Mare Müürsepp.

Peeter Helmestudies the novels that have come out in 2016, and depict Estonia's recent history: Kai Aareleid's „Linnade põletamine“ ("Burning of the Cities"), Ilmar Taska's „Pobeda 1946“ and Holger Kaints's „Uinuv maa“ ("Slumbering Country"). Brita Melts charts the literary peripheries of Estonia, covering, among others, the work of Tõnu Õnnepalu, Kristiina Ehin, Lauri Sommer, Lauri Pilter and Andrus Kasemaa. Brita Melts's story is illustrated by a map of Estonia indicating all the locations that the essay mentions.

For a bittersweet cherry on top of the cake, Estonian Literary Magazine interviewed Jaan Kaplinski, who is the newest and possibly the last laureate of the European literary prize.

The magazine is lent colour by a survey with six translators, who participated in the Käsmu seminar, and describe wherein lies the charm of Estonian literature for them.

The reviews in the autumn edition were written by Jürgen Rooste and Paul Raud.