The Estonian Institute compiles and commissions various exhibitions — from art displays to photography and anime exhibitions.

In general, the texts accompanying the exhibitions are in English but there are some for example in Hungarian, Finnish, German and Swedish (the languages are specified below the exhibition descriptions). Many have a modicum or no accompanying text.

If an exposition if available, it can be acquired for exposition from the Estonian Institute. When you are interested in an exposition, please give us two months notice. The transportation of the exposition should be undertaken by the subscriber.

The exhibitions can be ordered by email at estinstestinst.ee
or by phone +372 631 4355.

Shared moments

Photos: Peeter Langovits and Toomas Dettenborn, text: Sanna Immanen, design: Allan Appelberg

The photographic exhibition Shared Moments celebrates the 95th anniversary of the independence of Estonia and Finland, showing events, important moments and meetings that describe the warm relations between Estonia and Finland during the last decades.

Peeter Langovits (b. 1948), photographer at the daily Postimees and Toomas Dettenborn (b. 1962), a photographer of Finnish-Estonian extraction, observed many significant encounters, fascinating people and events in Estonian-Finnish relations. The exhibition of moments recorded by the camera pays homage to everybody who have enhanced relations between the two countries.

Who was present at the opening ceremony of the Helsinki West Terminal? Where is the Soviet-era bus KavZ now? Who are the twins seen at Finnish and Estonian musical events? What kind of museum is in Äksi? What Estonian musician records CDs with a Finnish company? The answers to these and many other questions can all be found at the exhibition.

The exhibition was compiled by Grete Ahtola and Jenni Kavén, printed by IdLam and published by the Estonian Institute in Finland in cooperation with the Union of Finnish-Estonian Societies SVYL. The undertaking was supported by Postimees and the he Society of Friends of the Estonian Institute.

Republic of Estonia

Captions by Lauri Vahtre and the Estonian Institute, design by Angelika Schneider

Photographs from 1918 – 2011: one picture with a caption for every year, by known and unknown photographers from photo collections in Estonia and abroad.

-    32 panels of 114 cm (width) x 60 cm (height) + an introductory text panel.
-    Photo print on laminated PVC (5 mm), without glass, framed in metallic blue aluminium.

Extra:  Exhibition catalogue (published in 2008, 50 pages, English and Dutch)                              

Packaging: 3 plywood boxes, 2 boxes of 124cm (length) x 39cm (width) x 72cm (height), 1 box 124 x 42 x 72 cm.


Stories from Home

Author: Henri van Noordenburg

The Dutch photographer Henri van Noordenburg spent seven months in Estonia in 2004-2005 and documented 16 households across Estonia.


  • 41 photographs of 81 x 81 cm
  • photo print, glass, thin metal frames, with 2 hooks. 

Extra: Booklet Estonian Home, text by Lauri Vahtre.

Packaging: 5 plywood transport boxes of 85 x 85 x 25 cm.

P.S. Since 2012 the exhibition is located in the Estonian Embassy,  Stockholm.

P.S. Since 2012 exhibition is based in the Estonian House, Stockholm, contact: Liiu Viru liiuviru@yahoo.se

Estonian erratic boulders

Author: Tõnis Saadre; designer, Aadam Kaarma

Visitors to Estonia are always amazed at the number and size of erratic boulders here. Indeed - over 90% of huge boulders (perimeter over 25 m or diameter over 10 m) of the Northern European ice area are located in Estonia, a bit over one hundred. The exhibition tells about our erratic boulders brought here long ago by the continental glacier. The boulders have been a blessing and a nuisance to peasants who have brought offerings and expected miraculous healing from them. There are innumerable legends about the boulders as well.

large panels 70 x 70 cm on kapa, metal frames, no glass
more than one photograph on one panel + text                                                                

Packaging: 2 plywood transport boxes with handles and metal edging, of 80cm (length) x 80cm (height) x 27cm (width).

Aerial photographic exhibition Linnu Eesti / Bird’s Eye Estonia

Author: Endel Grensmann

Colourful Estonian landscapes and objects in landscapes, seen from above.


  • 20 photos, of 100 cm(width) x 66 cm (height) cm
  • 28 photos, of 60 x 40 cm
  • 48 photos, 20 of 100cm (width) x 66cm (height) and 28 of 40 x 60 cm
  • printed on plastic base, no glass
  • narrow bronze-colour aluminium frames


48 photos:  4 plywood boxes with metal edgings, of 66 x 27 x 47 cm, weight of each box 15 kg
20 photos: 2 plywood boxes with metal edgings, of 81 x 61 x 25 cm

Music exhibition "Klassiker: Pärt, Tormis, Tamberg" (Swedish)

Compiler: Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, designer: Kadi Pajupuu

The exhibition compiled in the anniversary year of Eino Tamberg, Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt offers a comprehensive overview of the life and work of the three great composers. Translation into Swedish.


  • 24 kapa plates (90 x 90 cm)
  • hooks

Packaging: 2 cardboard boxes 100 x 100 x 20 cm

Portraits of Estonian culture

Author: Ingmar Muusikus

Better or less known Estonian cultural people from the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


  • 96 black and white photographs, of 15cm (width) x 23cm (height)
  • glued to kapa, no glass or frames
  • text = name and profession of the person in Estonian /English

Packaging: cardboard suitcase with handle, 3 kg, easy to transport.

Maritime Estonia

Author: Arvo Iho

Coastal landscapes and villages with or without  people. Arvo Iho’s pictures and texts from an enjoyable trip along the north Estonian coast with his son in summer and early autumn 1999.

Form: small and big version:
1) 40 pictures (30 x 45 cm)
2) 58 photographs (30 x 45 cm)

Extras: introductory text by the author in Estonian, English and Russian, to be printed on separate sheets (A4).

Packaging: Small version (40 pictures) in a large cardboard box, 25 kg; big version (58) in 3 plywood boxes, 50 kg in total.

Beware the Photographer!

Authors: Toomas Tuul, Heiki Laan, Vallo Kruuser

A collection of photographs of people, taken in the Old Town of Tallinn on a nice summer morning in the early 2000s.


  • 27 photographs without captions of 25 x 37 cm
  • black passe-partout, glass
  • black metal frame, picture in frame 41 x 51 cm

Packaging: cardboard box

Mõisate Eesti

Koostaja Ants Hein, kujundaja Aadam Kaarma (2003)

Kronoloogilises järjestuses ülevaade Eesti mõisatest ja sellest, kuidas need näevad välja 21. sajandil.

Näitus eksisteerib kahes keeles: rootsi ja saksa.

  • 24 fototrükis tahvlit mõõtmetega 70 x 100 x 2 cm
  • raamitud, klaasimata, raami küljes riputuskonksud

Pakend: 2 vineerkasti, kaal a 50 kg.

Näitus kuulub alates 2017 Rootsi-Mihkli kirikule. 

The New Kaboom

Compiler: Tartu Art School

Comics by students of the Tartu Art School, as a welcome to their Finnish contemporaries.


  • 25 light laminated kapa plates, 50 x 70 cm
  • Some comics have a bit of text in Estonian
  • Introduction on a separate kapa, in Estonian/Finnish

Packaging: very light plates, easy to transport.

Literary exhibition "Sandor Petöfi - Ellen Niit" (Hungarian)

Compilers: Livia Viitol and the Estonian Institute; designer, Angelika Schneider

An exhibition in Hungarian about literary relations between Estonia and Hungary, focusing on translations of Petöfi and Ellen Niit’s role in it; includes poems in Estonian and in translation.


  • 11 panels on canvas of 75cm (width) x 115cm (height)
  • aluminium rods at upper and lower edges, with hooks

Packaging: canvas rolled up in 3 carton cylinders (length 80 cm).

The Story of Estonian ABC Books

Compiler: Krista Kumberg; designer: Lennart Mänd

The richly illustrated exhibition offers an overview of the over 400- years- old history of Estonian language ABC books. The viewer can examine excerpts from the oldest Estonian ABC books right up to the most recent 21st century ABC books.


  • photo printing on kapa plates (5mm), without frames and glass
  • 6 plates: 2 narrower side panels – 40cm (width) x 150cm (height) + 2 wider central panels (70 x 150 cm)

Packaging:  2 cardboard boxes of 163cm (length) x 25cm (width) x 78cm (height).