Information booklets

The range of topics in the booklets covers most different walks of life. History, language, song festivals, nature, national costumes, cuisine, manor culture or humour, are but a few publications issued over the years. Trying to address friends of Estonia in their mother tongue, we have issued our booklets in more than 10 languages.

The publications can be ordered by email at, by phone +372 6 314 355, or obtained at the office in Tallinn, Suur-Karja 14, where you can also pick up up to 5 copies of each publication for free!

The World of Estonian Music

A bold attempt to give an overview of Estonian music in its entirety: classical, avant-garde, traditional, jazz, pop. What is happening in the Estonian music world, what is special about it? A dozen or so pieces of music are also included.

Text: Maria Mölder

Design: Viktor Gurov

60 pp

210 x 210 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR


Hundreds of choirs and tens of thousands of viewers gather at a song and dance celebration. Every festival, however, also means preparation, rehearsals and traditions, which make certain that the festival is going to be a success.

The reader finds everything and more about the song and dance celebrations in the new booklet; for the first time there are samples of music added as well.

Text: Peep Pedmanson
Design: Peeter Laurits
Drawings: Toomas Pääsuke

36 pp
210 x 210 mm

Price: 1.80 EUR

Estonian Heritage

The cultural heritage of Estonia is, on the face of it, simpler, coarser, more rustic and earthly than that of the birthplaces of its influences. Now and again it has created new value. Life in the borderland between Eastern and Western cultures has been marked by influences from both directions as well as by abrupt political changes. Much has been destroyed, but some previously widespread phenomena might have survived only here. Moreover, despite all the circumstances, there has always been something in this heritage that, in its moment of creation, was completely innovative.

Text: Riin Alatalu, Marju Kõivupuu, Estonian Institute

Design: Triinu Ootsing

64 pp. 

210 x 210 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR

The World of Estonian Theatre

A guide to Estonian theatre, introducing people in today's theatre, relevant institutions, the wider cultural and social functioning mechanisms of drama and various factors that influence it.

Text by: Ott Karulin and Monika Larini
Design by: Piia Ruber

First edition: 2012
56 pp.
210 x 210 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR

The World of Estonian Film

Glances at the centenarian Estonian film – enlightening peeks into the birth and development of local cinema, its creators, spectators, handicaps, inventors, jokes, bickerers, and a range of other phenomena that have left their mark on the Estonian film lore.

Text by: Marianne Kõrver
Design by: Siiri Timmermann

First edition: 2012

56 pp.
210 x 210 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR

Estonian National Symbols

A richly illustrated essayistic overview of significant national and popular symbols, explaining the origin of these phenomena, their history and relevant facts, beliefs and principles. The chapter on Estonian money in the second print has been updated.

The older version (2010) with a CD with the Estonian anthem in four different presentations is also available.

Text by: Ken Kalling

Third edition: 2015
32 pp
210 x 210 mm

Price: with anthem-CD 3,42 EUR / without anthem-CD 1,75 EUR

A dozen questions about Estonia

Enlightening answers to a dozen questions that a foreigner might want to know about Estonia. At least in our opinion.

Text by: Estonian Institute
Illustrations and design by: Indrek Sirkel and Jan Tomson
First edition: 2011
32 pp
175 x 240 mm
Price: 1,75 EUR

The World of the Estonian Literature

A publication based on the text of Jan Kaus and supplemented by numerous references and explanations. It talks about Estonian literary life in centres and in the hinterland, about great literary figures, showing how the works of our literary classics have intertwined with everyday life and other fields of culture.

Text by: Jan Kaus
Graphic design by: Piia Ruber

First edition: 2011
56 pp
210 x 210 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR

Ihmeiden aika

The book The Time of Miracles was published in autumn 2010 and celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Estonian Institute in Finland.

The book covers the Institute’s years in Finland between 1995 and 2010. It contains several essays that are published for the first time, all concerning Estonia and Finland and the relations between the two neighbouring countries. There are also numerous photographs illustrating the Institute’s activities in the course of 15 years. The book is bilingual.

The Estonian Language

We know that Estonians define themselves mostly through their mother tongue. What is the sound and construction of this language, where are its roots and connections with other languages, and whether and how it influences the Estonian way of thinking?

Text by: Urmas Sutrop
Illustrations by: Jaagup Roomet
Graphic desing by: Aadam Kaarma

First edition: 2000

Fifth edition: 2015

48 pp
170 x  260 mm

Price: ENG, FRA 1,74 EUR, FIN; SWE 1,15 EUR.


Estonian History in Pictures

Our choice of key events in the Estonian history; to refresh your memory, or to act as a starting point for a bout of interest.
Text by: Estonian Institute and Priit Raudkivi
Graphic desing by: Angelika Schneider
Current edition: 2016 (ENG)
36 pp
210 x 280 mm
Price: 3.20 

Hilarious Estonia

A scientific study of Estonians’ daily life. What do they do and how they do it, what do they like and what do they dislike? What do they look like and what do they eat? How can they surprise one another?

Text by: Rohke Debelakk
Drawings by: Hillar Mets

First edition: 2001
40 pp
170 x 260 mm

Price: 1,47 EUR

Republic of Estonia 90

Catalogue of the exhibition compiled on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Every year (1917-2007) is represented by a photograph.

Text by: Lauri Vahre and Estonian Institute
Graphic desing by: Angelika Schneider

First edition: 2008

48 pp
300 x 155 mm

ISBN: 978-9985-9698-5-4


Estonian Nature

A matter-of-fact overview of Estonian nature: from its geological underbelly, via types of wetlands to all kinds of beings, walking, flying or swimming.

Text by: Estonian Institute and Indrek Rohtmets
Graphic desing by: Aadam Kaarma

First edition: 2005
24 pp
190 x 270 mm

ISBN: 9985-9509-8-4


Estonian Cuisine

Estonia is a nordic country: darkness and frost bring to the table sauerkraut and roast; in summertime, on the other hand, the people eat everything light and fresh that gardens have to offer.

Text by: Maire Suitsu
Graphic desing by: Krete Pajo

First edition: 2003

Last edition: 2015

20 pp
200 x 200 mm

Price: ENG 2,20 EUR; SWE, FIN, GER 1,60 EUR

Estonian Home

Home is the place where Estonians have always been truly themselves. This place reflects their true nature and this is where they invite their friends.

Still lifes of Estonian homes through the eyes of the Dutch photographer Henri van Noordenburg.

Text by: Lauri Vahtre
Photos by: Henri van Noordenburg
Graphic desing by: Piia Ruber

First edition: 2008
42 pp
240 x 190 mm

Price: 2,50 EUR

Estonian national costumes

An introduction to the reasons, patterns and secrets of wearing of folk costumes, still to be seen in daily use in several pockets of Estonia.

Text by: Reet Piiri, Vaike Reemann and Lore Listra
Graphic desing by: Marti Laurimaa

First edition: 2003
28 pp
170 x 280 mm

Price: 0,99 EUR

Estonian Song & Dance Celebration

“Song festivals have never been fashionable, because they are not a thing of fashion. A song festival is a matter of the heart. Just like Estonian language and mindset, like love”.
Lennart Meri

Text by: Lore Listra and Rein Sikk
Graphic desing by: Martin Rästa

Current edition: 2009
36 pp
140 x 220 cm


Eesti keel ja kultuur maailmas 2009

Konverentsi „Eesti keel ja kultuur maailmas III” kogumik.

Toimetajad: Mart Meri, Katrin Maiste, Raina Reiljan

106 lk
145 x 210 mm


Crafts and Arts in Estonia

The men and women who once produced 'folk art' knew nothing about this artificial concept. Maybe we could find the original focus of these thing if we would forget it as well...

Text by: Vaike Reemann and Piret Õunapuu
Graphic desing by: Piia Ruber

First edition: 2004
48 pp
170 x 260 mm

ISBN: 9985-9509-1-7


Things Estonian

Sprats, e-government, Cow-Pats and Bear's Trousers, Limestone, the Junipers, Barn Swallow, the Sauna and all these other things.

Text by: Estonian Institute
Illustrations and desing by: Mall Nukke

First Edition: 2003
21 pp
225 x 170 mm

A Dozen Questions about Estonia

Enlightening answers to several queries about Estonia and things Estonian.

Text by: Estonian Institute

Design by: Kristjan Mändmaa

Price: 0,80 EUR