Seminar - Estonian language days in Stockholm


The first day of the two-day seminar dedicated to the Mother Tongue Day (14 March) is meant for current and previous Estonian language teachers in Sweden, learners, translators, interpreters, guides and all others interested in Estonian. Papers presented by the Estonian language professors (Els Oksaar, Hamburg; Raimo Raag, Uppsala, Jüri Valge, Tallinn), experts and practitioners from Estonia and Sweden. The papers examine the Estonian language and its development, benefits of multilingualism for a child, supporting the Estonian language through the Compatriot Programme and other interesting topics. The second day is primarily meant for the parents, and those interested in the Estonian language and multilingualism. While the parents attend the seminar in the Restaurant hall, a special programme for children aged 3-10 takes place in the Estonian Kindergarten Pääsuke (Swallow). Even the smallest seminar participants and their parents have been considered – there is a playground in the lecture hall. During the intervals people can explore the new study aids, youth and children’s literature in the Estonia House exhibition hall. Representatives of the Estonian publishing houses Koolibri and TEA introduce the books. The Estonian Institute exhibition The Story of the Estonian ABC Books open as well. The working language of the seminar is Estonian.
Special programme for children, aged 3-10 years:
The Stockholm Estonian kindergarten Pääsuke welcomes children aged 3-10 who know Estonian.
Students of folk music from the Viljandi Academy of Culture Karoliina Kreintaal, Katariina Raska & Jalmar Vabarna introduce Estonian folk instruments: violin, bowed harp, small kannel, guitar, accordion, Estonian bagpipe, Jew’s harp, soprano saxophone. Plus folk songs, dances a puppet play Little Brier-Rose (Heino Seljamaa, Teater Kohvris). The programme ends with the film Mat the Cat.
In co-operation with: REL, club Estetic and REL Sth Mudilasring
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