"Festivals in Estonia 2013"

Estonian Institute
Suur-Karja 14, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

The calendar of cultural events in 2013 was compiled by the team of at the Estonian Institute and designed by agency Refleks. The year 2013 presents a diverse range of events for every taste and age.


Czech Republic: Film evening "December Heat" in Brno

Masaryk University, Faculty of Philosophy
Arna Nováka 1/1 Brno Czech Republic
13.12.2012 17:30 - 19:00

FinEst Films film club shows the Estonian film "December Heat" (2008).

Hungary: Knitting Estonian Style

Estonian Institute in Hungary
Falk M. u. 22. fe. 2 Budapest Hungary
08.12.2012 14:00 - 19:30

On Saturday the Hungarian branch of the Estonian Institute welcomes everybody interested in knitting who wish to try the Estonian style.

Finland: The grim glow of Kristel Saan's "Sunbed" in Helsinki

XL ArtSpace
Vuorikatu 22 Helsinki Finland
08.12.2012 - 28.12.2012

The grim glow of Kristel Saan's "Sunbed" represents a vast gradation from creation to destruction.

Hungary: Photographic exhibition "Waterfowl People. Lennart Meri's film travels in 1969–1988" in Szombathely

Center of Arts in Szombathely
Fõ tér 10 Szombathely Hungary
06.12.2012 - 20.12.2012

The exhibition shows photographs of Lennart Meri's travels to Finno-Ugric peoples in 1969–1988. There are also recollections of four Lennart Meri films' sound engineers and the co-director of "The Sons of Torum“, Enn Säde, interwoven with Meri's own observations. Design by Peeter Laurits.

Hungary: Concert of Ewert and the Two Dragons in Budapest

Erzsébet tér 7 Budapest Hungary
05.12.2012 20:00 - 23:00

The hottest Estonian export article Ewert and the Two Dragons is touring Europe. The band cultivates Indie folk, performers include Ewert Sundja, Erki Pärnoja, Kristjan Kallas and Ivo Etti.

Hungary: Focus on Theatre NO99

Estonian Institute in Hungary
Falk M. u. 22. fe. 2 Budapest Hungary
28.11.2012 18:30 - 20:45

The series of theatre evenings introduce prominent people and achievements in Estonian theatre, focusing on one theatre group every year. The programme shows screenings of seven productions by Theatre NO99. The next one is "Oil! Ver 1.2". Introduction by theatre historian Ildikó Sirató.

Hungary: animation workshop of the Puppet Film's Children's Studio at the "Anilogue" festival

Toldi Cinema
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 36-38 Budapest Hungary
25.11.2012 10:30 - 25.10.2012 17:30

The Children's Studio introduces the secrets of animation to Hungarian children. At the festival's 'children's day" two workshops are organised: one for the smaller and one for bigger participants.

Lithuania: Conference "Estonian Language Day" in Vilnius

Vilnius University
Universiteto gatve 3 Vilnius Lithuania
16.11.2012 - 16.11.2012

The conference offers an overview of the new developments in the Estonian language and methods, including language teaching of bilingual children (development of a child's language in the environment of several languages and teaching and learning Estonian as the second language).

Czech Republic: Film evening "The Singing Revolution" in Brno

Masaryk University, Faculty of Philosophy
Arna Nováka 1/1 Brno Czech Republic
15.11.2012 17:30 - 19:00

The film club FinEst Films shows a documentary called "The Singing Revolution" (USA/Estonia, 2006), directors Maureen Castle Tusty and James Tusty.