Estonian Art 1/2013

Table of Contents:

1 Evident in Advance: the maze of translations
Merilin Talumaa, Marie Vellevoog
4 Evident in Advance, or lost (and gained) in translation(s)?
Daniele Monticelli
7 Neeme Külm in abstract autarchic ambience
Johannes Saar
9 Encyclopaedia of Erki Kasemets
Andreas Trossek
12 Portrait of a woman in the post-socialist era (and some thoughts about nationalism)
Jaana Kokko
15 An aristocrat’s desires are always pretty
Eero Epner
18 Collecting that reassesses value at the 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennal
Ketli Tiitsar
20 Comments on The Art of Collecting
Katarina Meister, Lylian Meister, Tiina Sarapu, Marit Illison, Kaido Ole, Krista Leesi, Jaanus Samma
24 „Anu, you have Estonian eyes“: textile artist Anu Raud and the art of generalisation
Elo-Hanna Seljamaa
Insert: An Education
Veronika Valk
27 Authentic decelaration – smart textiles at an exhibition
Thomas Hollstein
29 Fear of architecture
Karli Luik
31 When the EU grants are distributed, the muses are silent
Piret Lindpere
34 Great Expectations
Eero Epner’s interview with Mart Laidmets
35 Thoughts on a road about roads
Margit Mutso
39 The meaning of crossroads in Estonian folk belief
Ülo Valk
42 Between the cult of speed and scenery
Katrin Kov
44 The seer meets maker
Giuseppe Provenzano, Arne Masik
47 The art of living
Jan Kaus
49 Endel Kõks against the background of art-historical anti-fantasies
Kädi Talvoja

52 Exhibitions