ELM 2/2014

In the opening article, Virág Márkus conducts a comprehensive interview with the well-known Estonian writer Mari Saat.

Hasso Krull writes about the poet and poetry translator Kalju Kruusa, supplemented with poetry translations.

Ilmar Lehtpere introduces Kristiina Ehin and Silver Sepp’s literary tour in America. The article is illutrated with numerous photographs taken on the tour.

Mihkel Mutt interviews the American publisher John O’Brien whose publishing house the Dalkey Archive Press has issued quite a few works of Estonian literature.

Kerti Tergem’s article tackles the work of Ülo Mattheus.

As always, Piret Viires presents the winners of last year’s numerous literary awards.
Brita Melts, Rutt Hinrikus, Janika Kronberg and Maret Vaher offer short reviews of recent Estonian literature .