Shared moments

Photos: Peeter Langovits and Toomas Dettenborn, text: Sanna Immanen, design: Allan Appelberg

The photographic exhibition Shared Moments celebrates the 95th anniversary of the independence of Estonia and Finland, showing events, important moments and meetings that describe the warm relations between Estonia and Finland during the last decades.

Peeter Langovits (b. 1948), photographer at the daily Postimees and Toomas Dettenborn (b. 1962), a photographer of Finnish-Estonian extraction, observed many significant encounters, fascinating people and events in Estonian-Finnish relations. The exhibition of moments recorded by the camera pays homage to everybody who have enhanced relations between the two countries.

Who was present at the opening ceremony of the Helsinki West Terminal? Where is the Soviet-era bus KavZ now? Who are the twins seen at Finnish and Estonian musical events? What kind of museum is in Äksi? What Estonian musician records CDs with a Finnish company? The answers to these and many other questions can all be found at the exhibition.

The exhibition was compiled by Grete Ahtola and Jenni Kavén, printed by IdLam and published by the Estonian Institute in Finland in cooperation with the Union of Finnish-Estonian Societies SVYL. The undertaking was supported by Postimees and the he Society of Friends of the Estonian Institute.